Beekeepers of Gilmer county

Beekeepers of Gilmer County (BGC)

BGC is a club dedicated and focused on the sustainable art of beekeeping and the overwhelming positive affect bees have on our environment and agriculture.  Our passion is learning more about the world of honeybees, and how we can better understand how we can maintain their population and honey production in our local area.  If you are excited about bees and their impact on our community, we welcome you to join us in this fascinating world.

Our objectives

This organization exists to serve as a resource to local beekeepers

  • Educate our community about beekeeping

  • Encourage the development of future beekeepers

  • Foster interactions with the agricultural community and other beekeeping organizations.

Any person interested in bees and beekeeping and can attend local bee club meetings and functions is eligible to join the BGC club by attending a club meeting and registering for membership.

If you'd like to follow our club remotely and interact with our beekeepers, please visit our Facebook page.

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